Me Tv


Wednesday, 13th January, we, pupils of the 3rd year, went to watch a play performed by ETC, the English Theatre Company.

The story was about Ben, a schoolboy who had a boring life. He was stuck in a rut of routine. Ben met two agents who wanted to transform him into a celebrity.

During the whole play, pupils were asked on stage to play a little role. Some of them had to dance, some of them even died.

It was a comic play and very entertaining.

A few reactions:

Pauline and Lenn: It was very funny!

Leen and Roxy: Ben was handsome and sturdy!

Jennifer: I had tears in my eyes of laughter.

The actors were really good!

Fien: It was better than other plays.

Robbe: I was jealous of Ben’s muscles!

everyone: Nomie and Niels were so funny!

3Wb – HWb